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Mighty Max Wire Harness Replacement for RBC6 UPS APC SMC1500I (192814875106)
Mighty Max RBC6 UPS Complete Replacement Battery Kit for APC SMC1500I (192814875072)
ИБП APC Smart UPS 1500 SMC1500I-2U (253182809675)
Apc Smart-ups C 1500va 2u Lcd 230v - 1.50 Kw/900 W - 2utower 0.15 (smc1500i2u) (392228672671)
APC Smart-UPS Line-Interactive 1500VA 8AC outlet(s) uninterruptible power supply (312340542827)
APC Smart-UPS Line-Interactive 1500VA 4AC outlet(s) uninterruptible power supply (312343578954)

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